Thursday, June 9, 2011

And So It Begins Again

After the wonderful experience that was the Summer Youth Institute 2010, the people at the William Winter Institute have the pleasure of doing it all over again this year with a whole new group of bright, awe-inspiring young people. We wait with bated breath to meet the people who will be changing and creating the future right in front of our eyes.

I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning

-John Boyton Priestley

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lizzy Carr

During my ten days here, both my hopes and fears have been fulfilled. I did learn leadership skills a bunch of other things. There were times when my beliefs were greatly challenged and times where my resolve was strengthened incomparably. (Is that a word?) There were times I laughed and times I wanted to break down in tears because of all the emotions running through me. I've made wonderful friends, no enemies. On that enemy note, Susan said something in which I'm going to quote... "An enemy is someone who's story you don't know." thios really touched me, and it is something I'll remember for the rest of my life. This will remind me not to judge anyone in any way. It'll remind me to "turn to wonder-how did this person get here at this point? Why would they choose this life? How many true friends do they have, and will I add one more to that list?"
I have strove to honor God to the best of my ability. I hope that everyone here at camp got to see a semon, not just hear one. I'm praying for each and every one of ya'll. Just to tell ya, I'm gonna be prayin' that God chases you until you have no choice but to turn around and face His unimaginable love for you. I'm gonna be prayin' that you give your heart and life to HIm because whether you know it or not He loved YOU enough that He was beaten beyond recognition, nailed to a cross, humiliated, hated, loved, mourned for, hurted for, forsaken for your benefit, that you may accept Him as your Lord and Savior. I love ya'll so much. God Bless Ya'll. Now go into your communities and make a difference.
Love in Christ,
Lizzy Carr

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Well, after spending 10 days at a place, and making close bonds, I will always hold SYI as home in my heart. Because home is not a location, it is a feeling. A feeling of love, security, and happiness. Only time will tell how we used this 10 day adventure, but I hope it gets used. I wish I could sum up this experience in a few words, but I can't. So I'll leave it at this.


Jessica WInford

well I had fun these ten days I'm most happy to say that I enjoyed being able to stand in visit the land marks of history i felt it was a bite scary but also important to my life.It kinda made my mind wonder,and gave me more reasons to be thankful for were i stand today,history has showed me thats its ok to take a stand in that I will do. I mean i'm happy that it has finally came time to go home but I also i'm pretty sad cause i have made new friends and now we have to leave in go our own seprate ways.I will take the knowledge that I have learned back to Jackson with me in use it, although this haven't been the best ten days of my life but I have enjoyed the time of whichIi stayed but as I once stated its time for me to go home in take this knowledge back to me community hoping in wishing that o could make a change, thanks for everything.

Devante Wiley

This has been the best 10 days of my life! Words can't explained how much fun i have had at this institute. I have met some incredibly awesome people and I've learned things that i didn't even know happened. This Institute has given me the courage to stand up and be the head dog in my community..and possibly city. I look foward to working with the people I have encountered here to make Mississippi a much much much much better place. I strongly reccomend any and everyone to the William Winters Summer Youth Institute. Once again...I have enjoyed myself and I will be returning next year. Look out Mississippi..there are some new sheriffs in town!!!

Julie Alford

For the last ten days, I’ve had the honor of attending the Summer Youth Institute at Ole Miss. This was such an honor and I feel so blessed to have been given the chance to make a difference in my community and learn about so much that I’d never known before. For ten days, I’ve learned about my home, learned to accept others as they are, learned what it really means to be a neighborly person, and learned that I can change things if I want. I want to change the image of Mississippi, starting with community; and the Summer Youth Institute has hellped me realize that that’s possible. For that and many other resasons, I am beyond greatful.

The students at SYI have become like a family to me. We’ve laughed together, cried together, and formed bonds that could last forever. Meeting all of these new people has also shown me that you really can’t judge other people. Everyone is an individulal person, and everyone has their own thoughts. The people at SYI have shown me that stereotypes don’t matter, and usually don’t apply. My fellow students are a group of amazing people who are unconcerned with race or gender; they don’t care what you look like or how you talk; they aren’t bothered with where you come from or where you want to go; these people care about who you are—not your parents or your grandparents, but you. This, I know, is an amazing thing. So many people in today’s society dwell on the past but can’t see the present or even comprehend the future. But these people that I’ve lived with and grown to love in the last ten days see reality. They see that it’s possible for everyone to be together and grow from each other, and that’s something that many people—especially in our state—can’t do.

Before SYI, I was unaware of so much. With every trip we took, I learned more about the place that I call home. Every time a story was shared, my mind was blown. Now, we’ll be leaving tomorrow, and I’m going to miss everyone dearly. But, although we won’t be able to share antics around the tables at JC or dance in the lobby, we’ll stay in touch, I’m sure. With all of the networking possibilities now, I feel sure that everyone will stay in contact, and that’s what gives me hope.

Monday, July 26, 2010

And Then There Were None

I can't believe its over...hard for me to admit but like I took a nap and woke up expecting to hear Melissa fussing at the girls on our hall for being to loud and calling me a DramaQueen..PSHHHH!I am kinda sad now...Its like I miss everyone already and it hasnt even been that long!SOOOOO I would like to tell all my peeps at the Summer Youth Institute that I truly enjoyed my time with you all and I wish nothing but blessings and success on your lives!LOL I will always remember you bishop C.L Dukes(Jamal) and your many sermons you gave at the JC,on the 1st floor,3rd floor and the observatory..shout out to Patrick for being the Best driver there is... unlike others I always felt safe riding with you lol. to Ms. Susan for just doing it all with her sidekick Paddy and creating this wonderful experience for us,having us at her house for dinner last night and that delicious food from Taylor Grocery!Charles thanks for giving me the inside scoop on Spellman!You are a very sharp Morehouse Man..To the best Group ever...GROUP 4!Hope and Megan yal are the BOMB!Hope WE do LOVE U despite what you may think!!Love you too Megan!!!!!Last but not least to Peter and Artair for being such great leaders in our regional groups..You guys are the perfect example of what a young successful man should be and setting a great example for the KIDS!Well now my words are winding down and I have little left to say now that we have gone our separate ways ..I truly don't believe that Helfy Dorm will never be the same...

-Yours Truly.
Ann-Marie Herod