Monday, July 26, 2010

And Then There Were None

I can't believe its over...hard for me to admit but like I took a nap and woke up expecting to hear Melissa fussing at the girls on our hall for being to loud and calling me a DramaQueen..PSHHHH!I am kinda sad now...Its like I miss everyone already and it hasnt even been that long!SOOOOO I would like to tell all my peeps at the Summer Youth Institute that I truly enjoyed my time with you all and I wish nothing but blessings and success on your lives!LOL I will always remember you bishop C.L Dukes(Jamal) and your many sermons you gave at the JC,on the 1st floor,3rd floor and the observatory..shout out to Patrick for being the Best driver there is... unlike others I always felt safe riding with you lol. to Ms. Susan for just doing it all with her sidekick Paddy and creating this wonderful experience for us,having us at her house for dinner last night and that delicious food from Taylor Grocery!Charles thanks for giving me the inside scoop on Spellman!You are a very sharp Morehouse Man..To the best Group ever...GROUP 4!Hope and Megan yal are the BOMB!Hope WE do LOVE U despite what you may think!!Love you too Megan!!!!!Last but not least to Peter and Artair for being such great leaders in our regional groups..You guys are the perfect example of what a young successful man should be and setting a great example for the KIDS!Well now my words are winding down and I have little left to say now that we have gone our separate ways ..I truly don't believe that Helfy Dorm will never be the same...

-Yours Truly.
Ann-Marie Herod


  1. Don't say that you all have gone your separate ways. This is just a beginning for your collective journey. STAY IN THE HOUSE!

  2. yeahh im definitely staying in the house!!I feel like we all can do some great and powerful thing together